6 ways to maximize the use of bamboo skewers and picks

11th Sep 2017

Our bamboo skewers and picks are one of the most versatile products to have in your kitchen. Any chef can use these products whether you are in a five-star restaurant, relaxing cafe, busy bar, hosting a dinner party, or own a catering business. The many uses of our bamboo skewers and picks opens your imagination and lets you express your creative side. They can also make your life in the kitchen easier. Find out what our skewers and picks can do with these six tips and tricks.

  1. Grill new masterpieces: Shish kebabs are the most popular way to use skewers. Just pick out your meats and veggies, put them on a bamboo skewer, and grill to perfection. This is a great and simple way to make stellar combinations that will be sure to impress your customers. Just be careful when mixing ingredients that take longer to cook than others (like meat vs. veggies). Using smaller portions of the ingredients that take longer will help balance the cooking times. Bamboo skewers are perfect for grilling, but soaking them in water for 30 minutes beforehand is the best way to ensure they don’t burn. Our bamboo skewers are easier to use than metal skewers because they don’t stay hot for as long - letting you serve them as fresh as possible.
  2. Keep entrees from falling apart: Stuffed chicken, burgers, and fish dishes are widely popular, but they come with one problem: keeping the meat from opening and exposing the internal mixture. Our skewers and picks solve this issue for you; just pierce the meat closed. This will make your dishes look neater and more organized. Also, customers hate when they’re trying to enjoy a delicious sandwich or wrap just to have it fall apart on their plate. This problem is easy to solve - just pierce our bamboo skewer or pick through the entree, and this will surely keep it together. You can add a personal flair by customizing either or paddle skewer or billboard pick to display your logo.
  3. Garnish your favorite food or drink: Our bamboo skewers and picks can help you decorate any dish or drink. They fit right in with any meal whether a hors d’oeuvres, salad, breakfast, entree, dessert, or cocktail. Many appetizers are served amuse-bouche style, and using our quality bamboo picks brings a stylish touch and make it easier for your guest to enjoy his or her meal. Picks are most commonly used to garnish drinks - such as bloody marys, pina coladas, or martinis. Garnishments are easy to assemble, especially with our sturdy bamboo picks. You can also kick it up a notch by getting a customized paddle skewer or billboard pick with your company’s logo. This will for sure make a lasting impact on anyone who comes through your door.
  4. Serve finger foods: Our selection of skewers and picks are an enormous help, especially to caterers, when serving finger foods to a large crowd. They are a fashionable alternative to ordinary toothpicks and add a touch of elegance to any gathering. Our easy-to-handle design helps your guests enjoy the different options without any worries. Using our bamboo skewers and picks also makes it simple for customers to dip finger foods into any condiments. Beyond savory choices, they can also help with dessert. Bamboo skewers and picks are popular in helping guests soak pound cake, fruit, and other sweet snacks in chocolate fondue. Bamboo skewers and picks keep serving clean, especially when the finger food is sticky or messy. Customizing these will add a personalized touch to ordinary skewers and picks. There is no better way to advertise your logo than on a tool customers will used frequently.
  5. Simplify your baking: Skewers and picks don’t only make decorating and eating easier - they also have a special spot in baking. From preparation to serving, our bamboo skewers and picks will be your new favorite tool. When making batter, be sure to use a skewer or pick to level out your dry ingredients, such as sugar and flour. This will ensure that you are as accurate as possible in your measurements. When the baking time is up, you can make sure it is thoroughly done by inserting a bamboo pick or skewer into the middle - if it’s clean when you take it out, your cake or other baked treat is ready. You can also poke holes in your cake or other dessert with our bamboo skewers and picks to help it absorb a glaze or icing. The uses for the skewers or picks don’t stop there - take your cake to the next step by creatively decorating it. You can either string rainbow-colored fruit, or customize the skewers or picks with your logo and make a lasting impression.
  6. Innovate your menu: There are a variety of new recipes that use bamboo skewers and picks. Selecting menu items that are served on either a skewer or pick will help you stand out amongst your competitors. Chicken satay is a popular dish that is easy to eat because it is served on skewers. Just weave the marinated chicken onto a durable bamboo skewer and grill perfectly. Our skewers and picks can also help you arrange fruit into a beautiful edible bouquet. Whatever color scheme you choose - the high-quality bamboo will contrast it nicely. Skewers and picks open up a whole new world of dessert recipes. Cake pops have taken the world by storm, and our bamboo skewers and picks can display them gorgeously. If you’re looking to be adventurous, rock candy will be sure to please any kids. Simply use skewers as the base and they will look elegant when served.

By using these six tips, you will maximize your use of our bamboo skewers and picks in your kitchen. There’s no reason to just use our skewers and picks in conventional ways - have fun with it. The premium material is strong enough to withstand any creation that comes to mind. Shop our vast collection of skewers and picks.