5 Tips For Decorating Using Bamboo Tableware

Posted by Tammy on 25th Feb 2015

People have been decorating with bamboo products for years and years. It’s natural tones offer charm and class to any kind of party environments. Bamboo has a durability and style that allows it to fit into any type of catering or restaurant facility. Party hosts, chefs and caterers have been utilizing bamboo products and tableware for many years by making it a part of their overall decor and tablescape.

bamboo bowls 2 ounce
These bamboo bowls add charm to any restaurant or catering decor.

Here are 5 Ways That You Can Use Bamboo Tableware In Your Restaurant or At Your Party.

1. Bsmboo Bowls – These bowls come in different sizes and designs thus they make the perfect element to use in any kitchen. The best part about bamboo bowls is that they have a class and charm about them. This means you can use these bowls for serving your favorite food items or as decorations in a restaurant setting.

2. Bamboo Plates – These type of plates offer a modern touch to tablescapes. You can easily use these plates on buffet stations or as part of a sit-down restaurant dinner. You can also put a bamboo plate and bowl down onto a stand in a dining room to accent your decor.

3. Bamboo Cups – These kind of cups can be used for showcasing non-edible and edible items. For example: You can fill them with pretty flowers or put homemade cheese sticks in them. No matter how  you choose to use bamboo cups they can enhance any decor in any kind of food setting.

4. Bamboo Cones and Stands – Bamboo cones have become very popular in the food industry so when you use these cool products you will be demonstrating a modern twist to your food displays.

5. Bamboo Cutlery – Bamboo cutlery is durable, tough and looks magnificent in any kind of party setting, it can complete a tablescape and add just the right element to any restaurant or catering event.

b bowls
Bamboo Bowls offer charm and class to any food display.

Decorating with bamboo can be fun and exciting, it can bring class and charm to a restaurant, hotel, bar or any food setting for that matter. Your customers and party guests are bound to be pleased with your decorating style when you use modern bamboo bowls, plates, cups and other forms of bamboo tableware.