5 Great Ways To Serve Raspberries

Posted by Tammy on 30th Oct 2014

Raspberries are tasty and look elegant in a catering, party or restaurant setting. However, many times all we do is throw some berries in a dish, cover them with whip cream and serve them up to our party, catering and restaurant guests. Why not get creative with your raspberries and use these great ways to serve raspberries.

5 Great Ways To Serve Raspberries

black display stand
A black display stand can be used in many ways, including showcasing your raspberries.

1. Serve them on beautiful modern black display pallets.

You can put some fresh raspberries in mini cones and display them on beautiful black display pallets. These display pallets are durable, lovely and look very attractive in any type of food setting. The gorgeous color of these pallets will enhance the natural beauty of your raspberries.

2. Make raspberry jam.

You can make raspberry jam and serve it with crackers or on crispy pieces of toast.

3. Cocktail garnish.

You can make a fruity cocktail and garnish it with fresh raspberries.

4. Ice cream topping.

You can use fresh raspberries as a topper for your favorite ice cream.

5. Enhance a chocolate brownie or cake.

You can add raspberries to a chocolate brownie or cake, this adds a special touch to a classic chocolate dessert treat.

There are many ways to use fresh raspberries, I hope these tips for using raspberries come in handy and help you create a unique one-of-a-kind food dish in your catering business, party setting and restaurant facility.