4 Must-Haves for Bakeries

5th Jun 2017

Though owning and operating a bakery has its challenges, bringing the community together around delicious pastries, muffins, cupcakes, macarons, pies, and tarts can be very rewarding and lucrative. Whether you are doing all the baking yourself or you have a staff to help you, keeping your bakery equipped with essential tools and supplies is crucial to your success.

The following must-haves, compiled by Restaurantware will ensure your bakery runs smoothly and the treats you bake come out of the oven with gusto.

Baking Tools

Silicon Baking Mats can be used to line flat or rimmed cookie sheets to prevent sticking. They can be transferred directly from the freezer to the oven and can be used up to 2000 times. Using silicon baking mats instead of parchment paper or aluminum foil will minimize waste in your shop and enables you to save room and money.

For all your kneading and rolling needs, use a Marble Rolling Board to keep your dough cool during rolling, resting, and shaping. This natural stone surface is attractive to look at, easy to clean and maintain, and will help you achieve great results.


Nielsen Massey Vanilla Extract is created with a cold-press method that brings out the delicate, natural flavors of the choicest vanilla beans. Since 1907, this family owned business, has been a leader in developing and improving the best methods of producing pure flavors.

Alba Blanched Almond flour can be a great asset every bakery, pastry shop, or cafe. Whether you are making gluten-free treats or macarons, this delicious and versatile flour, simply made from blanched almonds, should be part of your ingredient repertoire.