12 Must-have tools for your bar

12 Must-have tools for your bar

2nd Oct 2017

Bar tenders and mixologists everywhere know the important role of bar tools in creating amazing classic and craft-cocktails. Without the proper bar tools, drinks will not taste or look, right. As you set up your bar, consider this list of tools.

One: Tongs

Tongs will help you delicately handle ice or frozen garnishes. Important for preventing the contamination of ice buckets. Click here for more information about safe food practices.

Two: Ice Scoops

Ice scoops are an efficient way to quickly move ice to all the needed areas in your bar. Always train your employees to never touch the ice.

Three: Shakers

Mix and chill cocktails and mocktails with three piece shakers including the mixing vessel, the straining lid, and the cap.

Four: Strainers

Use julep (below), Hawthorne, or fine mesh strainers to remove ice, or other solids that are not intended for the final beverage.

Five: Skewers

Skewers are crucial for collecting and serving garnishes. Choose disposable or reusable options.

Six: Cocktail Napkin Holder

Cocktails should always come with cocktail napkins. Store them attractively on your bar in a cocktail napkin holder so that your tenders have easy access.

Seven: Swizzle Sticks

Use swizzle sticks to mix still drinks or decrease the amount of effervescence in sparkling ones.

Eight: Muddlers

Join the craft-cocktail revolution with muddled herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Muddlers allow you to break down ingredients into a pulp in order to bring out flavor.

Nine: Tridents

Collect hard to reach garnishes and add them to craft cocktails with a beautifully efficient trident.

Ten: Bar Spoons

Incorporate different liquid ingredients and muddled ones with a stylish bar spoon.

Eleven: Specialty Ice Trays

For making ice spheres, large rocks, slabs, and even ice shot glasses, equip your bar with specialty ice trays. Click here to learn more about ice shot glasses.

Twelve: Pourers

Pour liquid ingredients with precision and finesse with stainless steel pourers.