10 Ways to Present Your High End Airline Meals | #FashionForFood

10 Ways to Present Your High End Airline Meals | #FashionForFood

Posted by Kirstyn on 17th Nov 2015

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Airlines are an important part of global interaction. Flying is the main way to travel the world, and without it, we would not be able to travel efficiently. When an airline guest faces a 16-hour flight, he or she looks forward to anything that passes the time. Other than books, movies, and anything entertainment-wise, food and drinks are another silver lining while flying. Thus, it is important to create the best meal experience for your customers on any of your flights.

  1. Put a little more creativity in your packaging: Airline guests are used to the same old boring containers and plastic bags. With the competitive airline market, standing out is vital and makes for a memorable experience. Giving customers vibrant and colorful packaging adds personality to their travel, and customers will remember that next time they go to book another flight. Many airline caterers are putting stories or artwork on their packaging to give their customers more entertainment.
  2. Steer clear of ordinary trays: Trays have been the go-to display for food in the airline industry. They are quick, convenient, and easy to dispose; however, they are also the most boring and generic airline tableware available. Customers have seen these cheap plastic trays over and over, so using a more stylish alternative would easily stand out. Your customers will love the new, fresh, and unique tableware that replaces standard trays. There are many alternatives to trays, such as eco-friendly paper takeout boxes, that are still functional but also fashionable.
  3. Avoid drama over shattered glass: Glass tableware is widely popular on airplanes, especially in first and business class. However, airplanes are unpredictable and accidents can happen at any time. And we all know that shattered glass is a huge headache, especially in a limited area like an airplane seat. There are many steps you can take to avoid this issue. For example, you could change your glassware to revolutionary plastic glasses that still look classy but are shatterproof and reusable. These plastic wine and champagne glasses are also lighter and easier to handle.
  4. Not only organic food: But organic tableware too! With new eco-friendly trends, your customers will appreciate the new feel organic tableware brings onboard. Organic tableware, such as bamboo, palm leaf, and wood, are all biodegradable. Thus, they are better for our landfills and overall planet. Your customers will love the unique look of organic tableware, and will also appreciate your airline’s effort to be more environmentally friendly.
  5. Display foods in individual cups: Picking specific cups for certain foods can add a whole new fashionable twist on any meal. Mix-and-matching your tableware can improve the design of your overall setting. Using different cups in various colors and styles can modernize your display instantly. Picking complements can have a lasting impact and really show travelers that you put thought into their meal.
  6. Serving coffee in stylish café cups: With businessmen and businesswomen traveling on airplanes constantly, coffee is a necessity and choosing how to display it is equally important. Polystyrene foam cups are usually the go-to; however, they are boring and horrible for the planet. There are many alternatives you can take advantage of, such as plastic café cups that come in multiple sizes and colors. These are cutely shaped as coffee cups and are recyclable.
  7. Porcelain in business class: Porcelain has always been a hot trend in business and first class. Using porcelain helps customers feel important because they are using high-quality tableware. The stark white color of porcelain allows for elite plating and adds contrast to vibrant foods. Porcelain is also reusable and last for a very long time. Thus, you save money by not having to repurchase disposable tableware. Porcelain adds a unique twist to any setting, especially on airlines.
  8. Picks and skewers brighten dishes: Picks and skewers are a tool often looked over by airline caterers. More and more airline caterers are plating dishes on the airline, so they have the option to include a beautiful skewer and pick. These are not only gorgeous, but they are also very functional and can help hold sandwiches and wraps together. Your customers will love the addition to their plates. Also, skewers and picks are customizable so you could easily personalize them for your customers.
  9. Ditch regular cutlery for gorgeous wrapped cutlery: Airline travelers are used to the standard plastic-wrapped cutlery. The utensils come in a plastic pouch with a cheap, thin napkin. Customers waste frustrating minutes trying to tear the pouch open. This problem can easily be solved by using fashionably pre-wrapped cutlery. These stunning plastic utensils are wrapped with durable napkins and held together with a stylish ribbon. These are the perfect addition to any table, especially in convenient venues like airplanes.
  10. Offering creative mini-meal options: Popular airline caterers are more creative every year and change their menus to adhere to the current trends. Instead of serving the standard and infamous peanuts and pretzels, airlines are now serving more intrinsic mini-meals such as salads, quiches, and gourmet platters. Some airlines even offer specialty foods, such as burritos, sushi, and small sandwiches. These can easily be displayed on high-end tableware, such as appetizer plates, take out boxes, or even in decorative paper bags. Mini-meals are proving to be popular in airplanes across the globe.

Airplanes served the same meals and snacks for years, but now they are finding that changing up their dishes is highly effective in keeping customers happy. However, changing up the food is not the only way to create new experiences for travelers. Instead, changing up the way you showcase your high-end meals will freshen up your dishes. Using unique tableware, whether it be reusable, disposable, organic, or modern, will have a lasting effect on all guests.

        Airline caterers continue to have an important role in one of the most important businesses in the world. Each of these caterers strive to create the best meals for their customers and know that showcasing your food is as important as the taste. Thus, improving your displays is a vital step in maintaining current customers and attracting new ones.

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