10  Tips for Better Cookie Baking

10 Tips for Better Cookie Baking

9th Feb 2018

Discover the top ten tips for better cookie baking, compiled by Restaurantware.

1. Measure and handle flour properly

Adding too much flour will alter the flavor and texture of the baked goods. It is crucial to sift flour before measuring and make sure that the dough is not overworked. For best results reduce the amount of flour by 2 tablespoons to ¼ cup.

2. Don’t microwave butter

Soften butter by letting it stand at room temperature for a few hours. Butter that is melted into a liquid form will change the structure of the cookies. To speed up the process, grate butter into a bowl and it will become soft in a few minutes.

3. Choose a non-stick surface

Dough is very sticky and can be difficult to manage. By choosing an appropriate surface of wood, silicone, or marble you can minimize the amount of additional flour needed and produce better dough.

4. Optimize egg temperature

Adding eggs straight from the refrigerator may negatively affect the texture of other ingredients. To avoid this, remove the eggs from the refrigerator about 30 minutes before use, or put them in a bowl of warm water while assembling the other ingredients.

5. Use fresh ingredients

Double check that all baking ingredients are fresh. Delicious baked goods result when quality ingredients are combined correctly.

6. Chill dough before baking

Chilling the dough will make it easier to work with and help the cookie keep its shape during baking. Giving the dough time to chill will bring out flavor and improve texture.

7. Measure the cookie dough properly

Ensure that your cookies are all the same size and cooked to perfection. Use cookie scoops with handles to easily measure and manage dough.

8. Use a silicone baking mat

Silicone baking mats contain fiberglass grids that do not retain heat like metal. Baked goods cook on the bottom at the same rate that they do on the top.

9. Reduce baking time

To prevent burning, set the timer for a few minutes less than the recipe guidelines. It is easy to add more time, but impossible to take it away.

10. Let the cookies cool

As soon as the cookies come out of the oven it is important to remove them from the baking sheet and put them on a wire cooling rack. The will help the cookies cool and let moisture evaporate from the bottom of the cookies.