Beaded Skewers

Restaurantware’s beaded picks and skewers, made from organic bamboo, provide the functionality of a barpick or skewer coupled with a decorative essence for your bar, restaurant, catering business, or wedding. Colorful, artistic, and elegant; our beaded skewers and picks in a variety of sizes and shapes, offer the desired flair for themed parties and special occasions.

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Beaded Skewers Information

Use our beaded skewers in many ways

Our beaded skewers open up a whole new realm of serving and displaying appetizers, desserts, and other treats. There are endless possibilities as what you can do with these beautiful skewers. You have a choice of many different beaded skewers, and your customers will love the added flair.

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Beaded skewers are gorgeous and sustainable

Restaurantware beaded skewers are stylish while also being eco-friendly. They are made from organic bamboo, so they are more sustainable than other varieties. Although these skewers are disposable, they are biodegradable so they breakdown by themselves over time.

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We make it simple for you to design our paddle skewer and billboard pick. All you have to do is provide us with your information - and logo - so we can create them. One of our agents will contact you regarding your order and to help you with continuing the process.

Bring character to your table with beaded skewers

Their natural look brings a certain flair to any setting - elegant or casual. You can use these picks and skewers in a variety of ways including in sandwiches, in cocktails, or in hors d'oeuvres. Instantly organize and showcase your dish by using these picks and skewers. Using these will also make it easier for your guests to pick a single serving out of a full plate. Picks and skewers have always been a staple in restaurants, cafes, bars, buffets, and catered events, and now we're taking them to a whole new level by letting you take charge.

Bamboo skewers and picks are the perfect solution for anyone looking for a simple, affordable, environmentally friendly, and chic way to add character to dishes. So, don't hesitate - take reign and design your own paddle skewer or billboard pick today.

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