Bamboo Sushi Tableware

We have a large assortment of different sushi tools that can easily be used in any business. Whether you are looking for mats to roll sushi in or a creative display for your sashimi, Restaurantware has the perfect product for you. Sushi is gaining stellar popularity, and you can make the most of this trend with our incredible bamboo sushi tools.
  • These bamboo tongs are easy to handle and hold, so nobody will have trouble using them to pick up the items that you put on your meat and cheese platters.

    Bamboo Tong Large 6 inches 100 count box


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  • These bamboo tongs have charming style that makes them the perfect tool to add to a catering, party or restaurant buffet station.

    Bamboo Tong Small 4 inches 100 count box


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  • bamboo steamer showcasing rice with garnish.

    Mini Bamboo Steamer 3.2 inches 100 count box


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  • Premium Fancy Square Bamboo Sushi Mat

    Fancy Square Bamboo Sushi Mat 10.5 inches 1 count box


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  • Modern Bamboo Chopsticks made of eco-friendly bamboo, perfectly suited for people who are professional or amateur chopstick users.

    Modern Bamboo Chopstick 9 inches 100 count box


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  • Twisted Bamboo Chopsticks offer a modern fresh look to buffet settings and restaurant tabletops.

    Twisted Bamboo Chopstick 9 inches 100 Count Box


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  • Dry Bamboo Sheath, Bamboo Leafs for Decorating Your Platters, Plates and Tablescapes

    Dry Bamboo Sheath 15 inches 100 count box


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  • Small Bamboo Sushi Boat 13 inches 1 count box

    Small Bamboo Sushi Boat 13 inches 1 count box


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  • Enhance the charm of your food presentations by using these Japanese Shinto Bamboo Sushi Plates in your food facility and party celebrations.

    Premium Japanese Shinto Bamboo Sushi Plate 10.5 inches 1 count box


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  • Delicious sushi rolls on Premium Japanese Buddha Sushi Plate, great plates to use for serving appetizers, desserts and much more.

    Premium Japanese Buddha Sushi Plate 9.5 inches 1 count box


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  • These charming bamboo chop fork duo utensils are perfect to use when serving appetizers, sides and many other types of culinary treats.

    Bamboo Chop Fork Duo Utensil 10 inches 100 count box


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  • Bamboo Hourglass Chopstick Holder makes the perfect home for your chopsticks, use for any occasion.

    Bamboo Hourglass Chopstick Rest Duo Color 1.75 inches 25 count box


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  • Large Bamboo Sushi Boat 17.3 inches 1 count box

    Large Bamboo Sushi Boat 17.3 inches 1 count box


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Sushi Information

Our sushi tools will help you and our environment

We have a vast selection of sushi tools and products that are great in your kitchen and for the environment. You can have fun creating state-of-the-art sushi creations all while feeling confident that you are making the best choice for our planet as well.

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Sushi products are vital at any restaurant

Our sushi products are popular in many different types of establishments. They are great in food trucks, catered events, restaurants, bars, and many more venues that are looking to dive into the sushi trend. Many businesses are falling in love with our sushi products daily.

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Restaurantware's sushi products are made of quality bamboo, so they are durable enough to be reused for a very long time. These bring a whole new modern flair to your kitchen and tables and your customers will love your ongoing theme. Our sushi products will set you apart from your competitors with their glamorous look.

Serve up something different with our sushi products

The sushi trend is taking the world by storm and for a good reason too. People love the unique flavors and textures they get to experience with sushi. These bamboo products aim to make your sushi process as easy as possible.

Additionally, our sushi products are reusable. They are made from premium materials, so they are resilient enough to last a long time. You and your customers will both love the unique design and chic look of our sushi products.

Find your perfect sushi product

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