Bamboo Risers

Restaurantware’s Bamboo Display Risers provide an alternative method for bakeries, cafes, restaurants, candy shops, and catering services to present their food offerings in a sophisticated and space efficient manner. Our risers stand and stack one on top of the other; slide them into a fan formation or use them separately on your buffet or bar. Add them to your table setting to elevate and celebrate food.

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Bamboo Risers Information

Eco-conscious bamboo risers

Our risers and Bamboo Serving Tray displays are great for your tables and counters, but even better for our environment. They are made out of organic bamboo, a more sustainable resource than wood. Thus, they are a great choice when you are being conscious of your carbon footprint.

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Space-saving risers are perfect for any table

Restaurantware bamboo risers are great for displaying on tables, counters, and booths at a variety of different venues. Any establishment can use our space-saving risers for serving and displaying many different dishes.

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Our bamboo riser sets are perfect for displaying many different foods on a little surface. Many different chefs across the world are loving our risers for showcasing their different culinary creations. There are endless possibilities when working with our serving displays, so you could always add your own personal touch.

Rise above competition with our bamboo risers

Our bamboo risers are resilient and beautiful, so they will last a long time at your establishment. You will love their versatility, especially when you mix and match them with your bamboo tableware.

Your customers will love the sophisticated look of our bamboo risers, especially when they are showcasing your delicious creations. These risers will look great on any table, counter, or other surface you put them on.

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