Bamboo Plates

Bamboo dinnerware is crafted from environmentally friendly bamboo so you can feel confident that you will be using high quality, durable plates every time you put it on your tables or buffets. Bamboo disposable plates will make clean up easier, add a modern twist and put a stylish charm to any restaurant setting, catering event or party food function.

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Bamboo Plates Information

Bamboo plates are eco-friendly

Our bamboo plates will be a conversation piece for your guests because they are made from only natural resources and are biodegradable. Your customers will be delighted that you selected an environmentally-safe plate. They will respect you and your company for choosing this option.

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These plates are perfect for any venue

Whether you are a decorated pastry chef, specialize in sushi rolls, handcraft different sandwiches, or aim to present a hearty salad, we have the right bamboo plate for you. We have 26 different bamboo plates for you to choose from, so there are plenty of options. Particularly, we have boats, dishes, canoes, round plates, square plates, duo plates, carved plates, salad plates, coasters, and sheathes. We have specific plates to cater to a variety of scenarios.

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These captivating bamboo plates are premium catering products, we offer a variety of plates that fit perfectly into catering events and restaurants. Why not, spend a few minutes and peek at all our marvelous products and you will never have to shop for catering tableware anywhere else ever because you will find all the bamboo dinnerware you need right here at Restaurantware.

You and your customers will fall in love with bamboo plates

These plates are made from high-end, natural bamboo, so not only are they gorgeous, but they are strong as well. We only use the best bamboo to make sure that they are exquisite and resilient. The material of our plates is dependable and durable for any situation; they are not flimsy. We designed these plates to withstand any of your masterpieces.

Additionally, you work too hard daily to spend even more time handling with used dishes. There is no need to have a headache from washing dishes after a successful day in your restaurant. Instead, just dispose of the bamboo plates without hesitation once your guests are finished with their delicious meals. This eliminates the nuisance of getting soaked while trying to clean every dirty dish.

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