Bamboo Cutlery

Restaurantware’s bamboo cutlery, including spoons, forks and knives is crafted with organic, sustainable bamboo. This heavy duty, disposable flatware gives your guests the same sturdiness as permanent flatware, with the enhanced aesthetic of eating with bamboo cutlery. A modern approach for disposable cutlery, Restaurantware’s eco-friendly bamboo flatware supports a host of restaurant themes, catering events, and special occasions.

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Bamboo Cutlery Information

Bamboo cutlery is organic and biodegradable

The light brown wooden look of our bamboo cutlery adds an earthy style to food establishments. This will only make a statement to your customers that your establishment is striving to be eco-friendly. You can take pride that this collection is 100% organic and biodegradable. Your customers will be pleased to know you are putting forth an effort to improve our environment.

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Cutlery great for every venue

Step outside the box when you present your next dish, try using our durable and charming bamboo cutlery in your restaurant or at your catering event. Our bamboo flatware is made from durable material and can withstand the vigors of outdoor and indoor food environments. You will be surprised by the quality, natural tones and beauty of our bamboo cutlery and bamboo plates. They really is nothing more stylish and warm feeling than eating from bamboo tableware.

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Utensils are an important part to any eatery, so don't miss out on these fashionable choices. You can also pair this cutlery with our other select bamboo collection in order to complete the look. Our bamboo collections are perfect for many different settings. Whether you own a restaurant, serve customers from a food truck, cater important events, or host regular dinner parties, our selection of bamboo cutlery will prove to be the best option for all situation.

Inventive and economical utensils

Our collection also includes innovative choices for specialty cooking. They can add more to any restaurant's atmosphere and will have a lasting impact on all customers. With our vast selection, we ensure that we offer any bamboo cutlery you may need.

Additionally, each product in this collection is affordable, and will save you money long-term. These items are available in bulk, so you can easily purchase enough to satisfy your customers. We, at Restaurantware, strive to provide you with affordable top-of-the-line selections in stylish bamboo cutlery to serve all of your restaurant needs. Our bamboo cutlery is a prime example of our goals. So avoid other boring cutlery options and shop our exclusive collection today.

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