Bamboo Cones and Cone Stands

Bamboo cone and cone stands are elements that every restaurant, catering company and party hostess should be using to display there special culinary treats because they are unique, classy and modern. Our cone stands and food cones will highlight any food presentation. They are made of durable materials and offer a modern twist to the ordinary serving methods.

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Bamboo Cones and Cone Stands Information

Cones and stands are eco-friendly and fashionable

These thrilling and simple products will please you and your guests. The neutral wooden color compliments bright colors easily. This only ensures that your dishes catch your customers' attention. Both the cones and cone stands are made of the highest quality bamboo and are organic. Thus, choosing these products is very environmentally friendly for your business. The cones are disposable and 100% biodegradable, while the cone stands can be reused many times. This will only have your customers talking about the great choices your restaurant is making.

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You can use our cones and stands anywhere

These products are perfect for the connoisseur looking for something different for their customers. The cones add a stylish flair to any dish, rather than using the standard plate or bowl. Giving your customers something new and exciting will only help them remember your restaurant, cafe, food truck, catering business, or party.

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Your guests will easily have fun eating out of our selection of bamboo cones. Place these items on a table, counter, or bar for an elegant twist on normal presentation. Use the different sizes of cones - mini, medium, and large - to create multiple levels to your dish. Place your selection of cones on a bamboo stand, and an appetizer or meal is instantly brought together

Our cones and stands will bring a whole new flair

The beauty of our cone stands is undeniably sweet and classy. You can depend on these gems to stay together because they are made of premium material thus they will be solid all kinds of food situations. One great way to use bamboo cones and cone stands is to fill up our exquisite bamboo cones with fruits and serving them in one of our modern bamboo stands.

Our bamboo cones and stands are an innovative way to present your menu items. Their unique design is made to impress and fascinate your guests. These products work together to create an attractive display for your restaurant, catering business, or party. Our cones can hold many different snacks, appetizers and more. Our cones can be handheld, so your masterpieces can be enjoyed freely.

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