Bamboo Chopstix

Restaurantware’s organic, bamboo chopstick, chopstick holders, and premium hybrid utensils are stylish and durable for your serving and catering needs. Enhance the eating experience for your guests when you serve soba, ramen, and pad thai with our premium wooden chopstick.
  • Modern Bamboo Chopstick 9 inch 100 count box

    Modern Bamboo Chopstick 9 inch 100 count box


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  • Twisted Bamboo Chopstick 9 inch 100 Count Box

    Twisted Bamboo Chopstick 9 inch 100 Count Box


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  • Bamboo Chop Fork Duo Utensil 10 inch 100 count box


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  • Restaurantware Bamboo Hourglass Chopstick Rest Duo Color 1.75 inch RWB0222 with food

    Bamboo Hourglass Chopstick Rest Duo Color 1.75 inch 25 count box


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  • Test Nick


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Bamboo Chopstix Information

Bamboo Chopstix are better for the planet

Our Bamboo Chopstix are an eco-friendlier alternative to other options because they are organic and biodegradable. They are also made from one of the most sustainable materials available, bamboo. Thus, they are vastly better for the planet than other wood varieties.

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Use our chopsticks in different establishments

Our Bamboo Chopstix are popular in many different types of establishments. You could use these anywhere you serve sushi, rice, noodle, and many other dishes. Your customers will love using these chopsticks in your food truck, restaurant, and other venue.

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Chopsticks can be used in many different ways, especially for oriental cuisine. You can use these for sushi, noodles, and rice. They are easy-to-use and your customers will love the new experience. Our chopsticks are made from premium materials, so they are very reliable.

Everyone will enjoy our chopsticks

These chopsticks will take the stress out of finding the perfect utensils for your company. They are stunning and durable, so your customers will love the look and feel of them. At Restaurantware, we make it easy to find the perfect utensils for your venue, and our chopsticks are a premium option.

Our chopstick are also economical for any business. They are disposable, which makes cleaning up easy as well. Not only will your customers love using our chopsticks, but you will love these utensils as well. So, don't waste another minute -- shop our collection today!

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