Bamboo Boats

Restaurantware’s organic, eco-friendly bamboo boats, canoes, and sushi boats are available in disposable and reusable varieties. Ideal for serving sushi, seafood, and sauces our wooden food boats provide a rustic, authentic aesthetic that your guests will enjoy. Support the movement toward eco-friendly, sustainable servingware when you choose our disposable bamboo food boats. Enhance your restaurant or catering service’s nigiri presentation, by adding our reusable sushi boats to your tableware collection.

Restaurantware bamboo tableware is pressed into shape using heat and steam, optimizing moisture resistance and durability. Shop now for food boats, bamboo boats, and wooden sushi boats and canoes.
  • Restaurantware Bamboo Boat Small 5.25 inch RWB0105 with food

    Bamboo Boat Small 5.25 inch 200 count box


    SKU :

  • Bamboo Boat Medium 7.25 inch 200 count box


    SKU :

  • Restaurantware Bamboo Boat Large 8 inch RWB0167 with food

    Bamboo Boat Large 8 inch 200 count box


    SKU :

  • Restaurantware Bamboo Canoe Small 4 inch RWB0127 with food

    Bamboo Canoe Small 4 inch 100 count box


    SKU :

  • Restaurantware Bamboo Canoe Large 6 inch RWB0128 with food

    Bamboo Canoe Large 6 inch 100 count box


    SKU :

  • Restaurantware Small Bamboo Sushi Boat 13 inch RWB0302 with food

    Small Bamboo Sushi Boat 13 inch 1 count box


    SKU :

  • Restaurantware Large Bamboo Sushi Boat 17.3 inch RWB0303 with food

    Large Bamboo Sushi Boat 17.3 inch 1 count box


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Bamboo Boats Information

Bamboo boats are an eco-conscious choice

Bamboo is an environmentally conscience choice for caterers and chefs to use as servingware. Bamboo food boats are made from the leaves of bamboo plants and designed to serve appetizers and side dishes. These premium quality & eco-friendly bamboo serving boats are just perfect for serving your creations at your restaurant or private party. The bamboo boats collection is environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable.

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Bamboo boats bring an adventurous twist

Your guests will feel as though they are traveling through a wonderland of festive treats when they eat from these stunning boats. Don't delay, any longer, use these dynamic bamboo boats are take your guests on a journey of a lifetime. They are great for many different venues, including food trucks.

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If you're looking for a unique and fashionable way to serve your menu items, bamboo boats are the perfect choice for you. These boats are charming and will stand out to you customers. They will have your guests talking about how fun they are throughout their meal. These are a great alternative to the regular boring plate or bowl because they are different than everyday tableware.

Bamboo food boats bring pizzazz to every table

They add character to your food, making them more vibrant and interesting. You customers will appreciate the natural look to these bamboo boats. The neutral brown color compliments colorful foods well, making them more desirable to your customers.

Since they are biodegradable, you can dispose of them without a worry. You won't think twice about your carbon footprint on the world, these boats will help you reduce that significantly. Also, our bamboo boats are cost-efficient. Using our bamboo boats are one way to save money while also pleasing your customers as much as possible. Change the fashion for your food up a bit, and showcase your brilliant ideas with these bamboo boats. They are the perfect addition to your restaurant's atmosphere. They will entertain your guests, while presenting your creations in a sophisticated manner.

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