Bamboo Beyond the Table

Bamboo Beyond the Table

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Bamboo products are more than just tableware

Our bamboo collection goes way beyond the table. Not only can they make a good impression on customers and guests outside of the kitchen, but our bamboo collection can also help chefs prepare meals behind the scenes. Whether a cook is looking for a stylish way to serve large meals, cooking specialty meals for their customers, or trying new ways to serve steamed food, our bamboo collection has all the answers to common kitchen problems.

All of our bamboo products are 100% organic and biodegradable, so you know for sure that not only are they durable, but they are also eco-friendly. Using bamboo in and out of your kitchen is a big step in going green. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, so this resource is highly sustainable. So you can use bamboo products all around your restaurant and not worry about negatively impacting the environment. Our bamboo collection is not only friendly to our planet, but it is also very versatile.

We offer many different bamboo products that help you beyond displaying your delicious creations to your customers. Many of our products help chefs prepare meals, like our Five Piece Kitchen Utensil Set. This set contains five 12-inch utensils that are perfect for stirring soups, mixing sauces, and everything inbetween. These utensils are very resilient and last longer than usual kitchen utensils. They can also help you serve salads, pastas, or other shared dishes. Your customers will love seeing these beautiful utensils around your kitchen.

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We offer a wide variety of bamboo products


If you’re looking for tongs to help serve foods off a buffet or tray or to help you around your kitchen, then our bamboo tongs are the perfect choice. We offer two sizes in our bamboo tongs -- small (4 inch) and large (6 inch). These tongs are durable enough to be used repetitively. We specially design these tongs to be easily handled by people of all ages. Your customers and guests will love how simple it is to grab their desired food from trays, platters, or buffet tables. These tongs give your customers power when creating their plates, or will save their hands from getting dirty when handling foods from a common tray.

Serving Displays

Our bamboo collection also includes top-of-the-line serving displays and trays to help showcase your culinary creations. These are perfect for setting buffet tables, dessert displays, or amping up your regular tablescapes. If you’re looking for a display that showcases your eco-friendly business, then our dry bamboo sheaths are the perfect choice. These are great as a simple, yet unique, addition to any table. We have sturdier options like are slatted and solid bamboo trays. These are finished strong to ensure they are durable when serving any meal. Additionally, we have bamboo serving boards in round and oblong. These have a light natural color, and are the strongest on the market. These are perfect for serving pizzas or multiple other dishes. If you’re looking for a more complex display for table, then our Bamboo Display Stand with three sizes per set is great for any occasion. This set comes with three different sizes, all that match and fit perfectly together. Our trays all have smooth finishes and will surely impress all of your guests and customers.

Traditional Tableware

Although our bamboo collection contains more traditional tableware, it also features innovative and modern selections. Our mini bamboo steamers are perfect for serving certain foods like rice, dumplings, or noodles. These steamers are great if you’re looking for an easy way to either add to a theme, or give a table a little extra flair. These steamers come with a specially designed top that is functional, yet beautiful. We also sell bamboo spatulas that can serve food in a unique, yet stylish, way. Our large bamboo spatulas can hold entire servings, like mini pizzas, tarts, and other creations. Your guests and customers will love this fun display and they will surely remember your business.

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We also have bamboo tableware that are unique, yet a necessity to the table. If you’re serving rolls, biscuits, or toast to your customers, then don’t miss out on displaying them in our Individual Bamboo Bread Basket. These bread baskets are specially shaped to impress your customers by holding bread securely. They are also fashionable, so they add personality to every table. Although these are labeled as bread baskets, there are many uses for them in and out of the kitchen. If you need a specific place for certain items, then our bread baskets can help keep your kitchen clean and organized. We also want to help you protect your tables. Keeping your tables and other furniture for as long as possible reduces the use of resources and helps the environment. Thus, use our bamboo coasters to prevent any drinks from permanently scarring your tables.

Since Bamboo is thought to originate from China, this material can surely match with any oriental theme. We sell a variety of different sushi boats, if your restaurant specializes in this delicacy. Our sushi boats are made from quality materials and display your sushi and sashimi fashionably. You can also display your sushi rolls on our sushi plates. Your customers and guests will surely love the natural look and high-quality feel of these displays. We also sell bamboo sushi mats to help you create the best sushi available. Also, help your customers keep their chopsticks safe and away from germs by providing them with our premium chopstick rest. These are perfect for any venue who gives customers the choice to use chopsticks. Your customers and guests will appreciate your consideration when providing them with chopstick rests.

We offer many innovative and modern options in our bamboo collection. No matter what type of event, restaurant, or party you are planning, we have a bamboo item that is perfect for it. Our bamboo products are the highest quality on the market, and will only add personality to your venue. So whether you run a busy restaurant, cater to events, or serve customers from a food truck, you will surely liven up any dish with our bamboo products.