Bagasse vs Paper and Other Materials

Bagasse vs Paper and Other Materials

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The differences between paper and bagasse

Paper has long been a staple in the food industry. We use it for everything from plates to bowls to napkins and even cups. Paper has been a guest at every house party and take-out order, so it’s no wonder why many get confused when they see bagasse. Bagasse is the eco-friendlier cousin of paper -- they look alike, have similar textures, and are used in similar products. However, bagasse and paper have big differences, and we want you to be able to tell them apart.

The basic difference between bagasse and paper is the materials in which they are made from. Restaurantware bagasse is made from organic sugarcane fibers that are collected after the sugar is harvested from the cane. Once all the juice is extracted, then the left over fibers are used to make many products, including disposable tableware. On the other hand, paper is made from pulping wood from trees. Deforestation is a huge issue for our global environment, so we are always trying to find other materials for our tableware. Bagasse is a more sustainable and eco-friendly option because of sugarcane’s nature.

Bagasse and paper products are commonly confused because the materials are very similar in their looks and function. Especially in the restaurant industry, companies create similar products with both materials. However, bagasse and paper have different characteristics such as texture. Bagasse has a rough and unique feel, while paper is smoother. Each is very resilient, so either are perfect in a culinary setting. However, bagasse offers different selections over our paper collection. We offer many bagasse products, such as plates, bowls, takeout boxes, cups, and lids.

Bagasse Plates

Eco-Friendly Bagasse Plates

Bagasse Bowls

Eco-Friendly Bagasse Bowls

Bagasse Takeout Boxes

Eco-Friendly Bagasse Takeout Boxes


Bagasse is a prime choice in eco-friendly tableware


All of our bagasse products are 100% organic and made from only high-quality sugarcane. Thus, not only is this collection durable, but it is also very eco-friendly. Since our bagasse products are made from all-natural sugarcane, so when they breakdown after disposal, no harsh chemicals are returned to the earth. This reduces its overall impact on the environment throughout its entire lifecycle. Sugarcane also takes minimal chemicals to turn it into durable products. The fiber is naturally strong, so it only makes sense to make the basis of any food establishment out of sugarcane -- tableware.


Each bagasse product is 100% biodegradable, so they are eco-friendlier than many other disposables. These products breakdown after disposal rather than just clogging up landfills. Bagasse also biodegrades faster than paper products, so this, along with its origin, leads it to be one of the eco-friendliest tableware materials. Using biodegradable products isn’t only great for our landfills, but it is also a benefit to our atmosphere. Biodegradable products require less fuel to break down and also to create. Additionally, these products reduce the amount of pollution exerted into our air because they do not ooze chemicals into the ground.


Like stated before, sugarcane grows very fast, so farmers restore it more easily than other crops. Thus, this resource is more sustainable than other materials, such as lumber. Also since sugarcane can be reproduced, it’s vastly more sustainable than styrofoam or other similar tablewares. We use less nonrenewable resources in the production of bagasse versus these plastic, styrofoam, and other similar materials. Using fast-growing plants, such as sugarcane or bamboo, instead of trees or nonrenewable resources reduces our lasting negative impact on our planet’s ecosystems. Especially in establishments, like catering businesses and food trucks, where most tableware is thrown away, using biodegradable products drastically helps the environment.

Bagasse Eco-Friendly Cups and Lids

Bagasse is an innovative alternative to many different materials available on the disposable tableware market. Although it is similar to paper, bagasse adds its own flair to make durable, yet fashionable, tableware. Many restaurants, cafes, food trucks, catering businesses, and cafeterias are switching over to bagasse to help out our environment. Not only are the businesses enjoying their change, but their customers are also happy for going green. They are happy with the many eco-friendly characteristics, but they are also pleased with the many different options Restaurantware provides. Paper tableware, if not made from recycled paper, is comes from cut-down trees, which damages ecosystems and our atmosphere. However, all bagasse products come from the same material – sugarcane fibers. However, sugarcanes aren’t harvested just to make tableware; they are actually harvested for their juice. We just use the leftover fibers (that would otherwise be wasted) to make durable and beautiful tableware. Sugarcane is also a part of the grass family and it naturally grows faster than trees. Thus, its regrowing rate leads to a more sustainable resource. Specifically, some trees take up to 30 years to mature, Also, sugarcane is already being harvested for the sugar industry’s needs. Thus, we are using an available material that would otherwise got to waste after the juice is collected. Also, since bagasse is 100% plant-based, it breaks down more easily than other tableware options such as styrofoam. Additionally, recycling centers find it extremely expensive to recycle styrofoam, but it is easier and cheaper to recycle plant-based materials.

We have a vast collection of bagasse products including takeout boxes, cups, lids, plates, and bowls. This wide assortment ensures that you can not only set your tables with bagasse, but also send your creations home with your customers. Our bagasse takeout boxes, cups, lids, plates, and bowls come in different sizes, so you can be sure to set your table perfectly depending on your courses. Each product is made with premium sugarcane, so you can find comfort in knowing you’re using quality, biodegradable tableware.

Bagasse is perfect for many different venues, including food trucks, weddings, banquets, parties, hotels, stadiums, and restaurants. The neutral color and modern texture of our bagasse tableware allows them to fit in and add character to any table. Your customers will love eating your masterpieces from our bagasse tableware because they are aesthetically-pleasing and environmentally-friendly. Instead of using ordinary paper or styrofoam, give our bagasse collection a try. You will feel great adding something new to your tables while also helping out the environment.