Bagasse Mini Pieces

Restaurantware's bagasse mini pieces are an interesting collection not only for their size and design, but also for their material. These pieces are small, yet they have a big impact on your table settings because they are beautifully deesigned and very durable. We have many unique designs, so you will surely find the right bagasse mini piece for your venue or event. These dishes are great for serving bite-sized dishes, samples, and other small portions.
  • Restaurantware Bagasse Teardrop Tasting Spoon RWA0017 with food

    Bagasse Teardrop Tasting Spoon 100 count box


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  • Restaurantware Bagasse Mini Modern Tasting Plate RWA0016 with food

    Bagasse Mini Modern Tasting Plate 100 count box


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  • Restaurantware Bagasse Egg Shaped Tasting Dish RWA0018 with food

    Bagasse Egg Shaped Tasting Dish 100 count box


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  • Restaurantware Bagasse Leaf Tasting Dish RWA0015 with food

    Bagasse Leaf Tasting Dish 100 count box


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Bagasse Mini Pieces Information

Find out more about eco-friendly bagasse

All of our bagasse products are made from organic sugarcane materials. This is better for the environment for a multitude of reasons.

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Making the choice between bagasse and another collection

Bagasse stands out amongst its competitors for many different reasons. If you are looking for a pretty yet green choice, bagasse is the way to go.

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Bagasse mini pieces are great for restaurants, buffets, catered events, and many more venues. We have a unique and versatile collection that can be used in many different ways. Mix and match our bagasse tableware to create a perfect setting.

Great for sampling and tasting

Your customers will love our bagasse mini pieces. They are great for serving small dishes or sampling foods. Each has a state-of-the-art shape and adds character to tables with ease.

We strive to provide you with the most stunning yet green tableware available. Our bagasse mini pieces stay true to those standards. They are designed to be beautiful and great for our environment.

Discover inventive bagasse tableware

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