Bagasse Plates

Our Bagasse plates are crafted out of premium sugarcane materials, thus these contemporary plates are biodegradable, eco-friendly and great tableware pieces to use in restaurants, catering events and home party celebrations. Our bagasse tableware has a unique structure, it is perfect to use when serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Your guests will love the sturdiness and special touch that our bagasse products add to your casual and upscale food presentations

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Bagasse Plates Information

Revolutionary eco-friendly plates

Bagasse is an innovative eco-friendly material that not many are familiar with. These products are made from organic sugarcane fibers which makes beautiful and durable tableware.

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Bagasse plates stand out amongst competitors

Many compare bagasse to paper because they are similar in look and feel; however, there are many differences between the two. No collection is quite like our bagasse. When compared to other materials, bagasse has some defining qualities.

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Bagasse Eco-Friendly Plates are made perfectly from 100% environmentally friendly material. They make excellent tableware for restaurants, catering events and both indoor and outdoor party settings. The loveliness and charm of these plates will surely make a positive impression at any kind of food function.

Bagasse plates are a solid option

Every successful restaurant and catering venue needs to be equipped with the right type of tableware thus if you want to be successful in the food industry, Bagasse Eco-Friendly plates should be part of your tableware basket. Bagasse plates come in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs.

Whether you are trying to create the perfect casual or upscale table setting, Bagasse plates will fit into any kind of party or restaurant setting. They make excellent eco-friendly plates for weddings, are superb green party plates and gorgeous eco-friendly compostable dinnerware. You really can't go wrong by using eco-frienly party tableware in any type of restaurant or party environment.

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