Amuse Bouche

Amuse bouche is typcially a time for the chef to show his artistry and talent in a bid to wow the crowd. The flavors and color tend the be more intense due to the small size of the dish. This French term literally translates to "mouth amuser."


Using a amuse bouche style is great for any wine and cheese event. Small bites are the hottest trend in America that has recently arrived from Europe. Whether its serving soups or sauces from decorative plastic shot glasses or crudite on a mini plastic plate, people seem to love the concept and finish every last bite.


In this recession people are happy not to waste food and see people begging for specializes in plastic plates and plastic cups that perfectly suit any amuse bouche style party.

Wine and cheese events are a perfect example of a party that is in dire need of mini plastic plates and interesting skewers. Knotted bamboo picks offer themselves as a interesting utensil of sort in this genre.

Google is an excellent amuse bouche resource, to find recipes and photos.