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As a Restaurant Ware Customer you are getting the best disposable tableware at the best value. Our selection is vast, and our support team is here to streamline ordering, and improve customer satisification.


There is a marvelous restaurant supply store that you can find online that will aid you with any event or restaurant supplies that you are looking like tableware, disposable items, classy bamboo products, lemon wraps and many other items. You can find this cool store at RestaurantWare.

It offers an incredible selection of different products and they always have many new arrivals that are magnificent for people who are a restaurant or catering business, their competitor Instawares doesn’t offer such an unbelievable selection. Restaurantware has plenty of disposable plastic-ware, cutlery, and even samples packs that will make you have you the talk of the catering market when you use them. They have products that are cheaper per case than any other store that you can find in this type of market. You can surely find a lot of plastic smallware, biodegradable plastic plates, tableware and other products that are very stylish, while Instawares offers items are pretty simple.

One huge benefit that Restaurantware gives you is the option of speaking live to a person, but Instwares doesn’t give customers this option. Restaurantware offers live chat is 24/7, what a fantastic option that helps a customer easily be able to communicate any concerns that they might have about this store and their products! This is surely an easy way to get all of your questions answered in a convenient way. Many other stores will make you fill out a tedious form thus you could wait a long time for a reply for answers to important questions. Honestly, who wants to wait to get questions answered when an event is looping around the corner. Another thing that Restaurantware will ship your order the same day that you place the order which will take a little pressure off of you when you are catering a big event because you will be able to feel more secure in the fact that you will get your tableware products and disposable plasticware in plenty of time for the event you are hosting.

Restaurantware offers discounts for loyal and repeat customers. Instawares doesn’t give out this specific type of special treatment to their customers. Thankfully, at Restaurantware you will get treated with great respect. As you see this store is far superior to any other tableware supply company that is out in this type of market. They offer unique, magnificent products and treat their customers with the utmost extreme respect.