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Pastry Rings

Our pastry rings are durable, sturdy and strong enough to use for baking your favorite culinary creation. Restaurantware's baking rings are made out of premium materials, they have been built to last a long time so you can feel confident that you are buying a reliable pastry ring mould when you buy the ones we offer to our clients. Our stainless steel pastry rings can benefit any bakery, restaurant or catering company, so make sure to order your rings today.

Premium Pastry Rings provided by Restaurantware are elegant in design and made of premium materials for commerical-grade applications. Create beautiful pastries, cakes and much more by using our durable and classy pastry rings in your restaurant or at your next catering event.

Pastry Rings Chef Applications

Nothing says love more than a pastry or cake, right? Well, let us help you make your special culinary treats by offering you durable and stylish pastry rings at an affordable price. Our pastry rings come in a many sizes so you can make a small or large treat for your party guests or that special someone.

Our pastry baking tools are top-of-the-line baking products, they are made of durable material, so you can use them over and over again. Every home cook or restaurant chef can benefit from using Restaurantware's pastry baking supplies because all of our products are stylish and strong enough to be used in any indoor or outdoor food environment.