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Lemon Wraps

Our lemon wraps are made out of premium material, they will hold your lemons safely in place so you don't have to worry about them rolling all over the floors and tabletops. Restaurantware has a great selection of lemon covers that you can use to showcase and serve your lemon wedges, whole lemons or even chunks of lemons. Our stretch lemon wraps and elastic lemon covers also add a nice classy touch to lemons, they will bring out the true cheery color of any lemon that you put in them.

These lemon wraps are the perfect way to dress up any plate and make an otherwise annoying seed problem a non-existent issue.  They are as beautiful and stylish as they look.  Your guests will be stunned by their functionality and form.  Go ahead, order our functional regency lemon wraps and enjoy them today.

Lemon Wraps Cooking Applications

There is no reason to get annoying lemon seeds in your food or on your floor, try using our stylish looking lemon wraps. Every lemon cover we offer is made from durable material thus it takes a lot to rip or tear them.

You can find several different types of lemon nets here at Restaurantware. Each and every one of them has its own unique qualities, but they are all made well and look fabulous on any type of dinner table.