Food Cones

End your addiction of using those traditional dreary catering dishes. Start a new stylish trend by adopting the habit of using unique exciting catering products. See, positive results during all your catering events by placing all your scrumptious treats in fascinating food cones. Take the chance at your next catering event to start a catering evolution by placing your delectable masterpieces into food cones that show off your cooking talents.

Debark on a new modern journey in catering tableware products at Restaurantware. We offer high quality, exciting food cones and other unique catering products that you can use for serving many types of wonderful recipes. Be the caterer to show off the new wave of catering tableware products by using our items at all of your catering functions.  

Great for French Fries, Mixes Veggies and other finger foods. Made from eco-friendly, compostable materials like bamboo and pinewood, these cones are easy to serve, easy to handle and great for any dinner or cocktail function.