Cone Stands

Bamboo cone and cone stands are elements that every restaurant, catering company and party hostess should be using to display there special culinary treats because they are unique, classy and modern. Our cone stands and food cones will highlight any food presentation. They are made of durable materials and offer a modern twist to the ordinary serving methods.

Tabletop cone stands are excellent for buffet style serving. Both Bamboo and Acrylic Cone Stands are available in different shapes and styles to fit your catering or serving needs. 

Discard that plain standard catering tableware. Showcase your luscious mouthwatering treasures by placing them in dainty charming cones. Let all your catering guests admire your gem-like treasures by putting them in unique classic cone stands. Quality, Elegance and Satisfaction is what these lovely cone stands bring to any event.

Cone Stands Food Display

Cone stands are one of the best ways to present food in a unique manner. They add a classy elegance to any type of food setting thus making it easy for you to create an amazing food presentation for all your guests to enjoy.

Food cone stands can be purchased in a variety of sizes and shapes. A few examples for using cone stands: you can put your condiments in small food cones, then display the cones in a lovely round full moon cone stand. In addition, you can also make canapes and feature them in food cones, then put the cones in a modern looking acrylic cone stand. Canapes look fabulous featured in any kind of food cone holder.