Bamboo Disposables

  • bamboo leaf plate in large holding watermelon.

    Bamboo Leaf Dinner Plates 10 plates per pack 9.8 inch 10 packs per case


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  • Bamboo Serving Plate comes in a lovely black color, featured here showcasing three delicious modern dessert cupcakes.

    Black Bamboo Serving Plate 7 inch 100 count box


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  • Full Sized Bamboo Cutlery Set adds modern flair to catering or restaurant environments.

    Full Size Bamboo Cutlery Set 8 inch 100 count box


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  • bamboo steamer showcasing rice with garnish.

    Mini Bamboo Steamer 3 inch 100 count box


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Our rich selection of bamboo disposables  will entice your clients with delicious all-natural beauty and eco-friendly charm. Show your customers you care about our planet as well as their palates by using Restaurantware's fine bamboo tableware in your restaurant, catering event or home party.

Our bamboo disposables are the most fashionable, most environmentally friendly, and most reliable way to showcase a variety of foods. The rustic look is made specially to present your products in a way that reflects your company positively. Our bamboo products have more character and are a unique alternative to the standard paper or foam selections. They will give your customers a new and innovative way to enjoy your creations. The smooth, polished look will make a good impression for you or your company. The collection – including napkin dispensers, boats, bowls, cones, stands, cups, cutlery, plates, skewers, and picks – provides many different options for any situation.  

Our products are made with the highest quality of organic bamboo material, so they are durable enough to hold any of your food creations. This material has been proved to be strong enough for any eating establishment. These products are very eco-friendly because they are made of only natural materials and are 100% biodegradable. These are great products to choose if you are interested in a modern look, but also want to watch your impact on the environment. There is no need to waste time washing dishes after every event when you use the bamboo tableware and flatware – simply dispose of the products after your guests are finished. Thus, our bamboo disposable products are a convenient and guilt-free choice for your restaurant or event. 

You will be happy using these exquisite products, and your customers will respect your choice in bamboo disposables. This collection is also cost-efficient, so you can be sure that you are making the best choice economically. At Restaurantware, we aim to provide our customers cost-efficient, high-end products that also reduce our carbon footprint on the earth, and our bamboo disposable collection exceeds both of those high standards. There is no reason to run around town to track bamboo disposables down, we would be honored to have your choice of these products delivered right to your doorstep. So don’t waste another second – take a look at our collection and order some of our specialized products today!


Bamboo Disposables Cooking Applications

Our bamboo disposables will delight your guests and add class to your buffets and sit-down meals. We offer a wide range of disposable bamboo plates, bowls, cups, cones and much more. 

Each and very bamboo disposable that we offer is elegant and eco-friendly, which means you can use them in both upscale and casual food environments. Why not, prove to every one that your feasts can be beautiful, delicious, and good for the environment, start using Restaurantware bamboo disposable today.

Whether you are running a formal restaurant, creating a relaxing atmosphere at your café, catering your customers’ important events, or hosting a fabulous dinner party, these bamboo disposables will please you and your guests with ease. Also, the possibilities are endless as to how you can use these products – our vast collection ensures that our products will meet your needs. They can be used in simple appetizers, multi-course meals, perfectly mixed drinks, and any other scenario you can think of. Whether you are looking for flatware or tableware, there is a bamboo disposable product that would be the perfect choice for you.

There are a variety of options to make your dish as stylish and modern as possible. Your customers will be delighted with the polished look that this assortment provides. The bamboo collection is made with you in mind. Our bamboo products make it simple to personalize each food masterpiece using our bamboo disposables.